3 weeks and counting…

Yesterday I found myself cleaning the microwave, polishing the telephone, toaster, kettle, door handles and scrubbing the floor on all fours. I think Ross will agree to have 16 kids if this continues. I mean who in their right mind polishes their bathroom taps & shower head? I didn’t have this urge with Rudi, or I might have but I managed to suppress it.

This has to mean just one thing, the new baby is almost here!

We are really excited to meet the newest member, it won’t be long before the baby is here, though I am perfectly happy at the moment for the baby to stay in as long as possible, as I am just getting used to having my sleep back.

I will be sure to post as soon as I can, but right now I have a fridge that needs cleaning….

Rudi’s hospital visit.

The day finally came this week for Rudi to have his operation. I have been dreading this day since he turned 12 months, I had read that the chances of his eye clearing up on its own after a year were very slim and an operation would be inevitable. 

The operation was successful, and Rudi’s eye is perfect and no longer watery and infected constantly. 

I have to say that the efficiency and service of the staff at the hospital was amazing, even when the doctor asked me how I was, and I explained I was doing ok, tired from worry, having a breech baby, breathlessness, anaemia, looking forward to finishing work soon, belly was a bit itchy as its grown so much, and when I stopped talking to take a breath and looked at his face, I instantly realised he didn’t ask me how I was, he asked me how Rudi was, but he didn’t say anything just smiled at me nicely. 

So finally its all over and Rudi was so brave, well behaved and is absolutely fine. 


Rudi’s Operation.

Since birth Rudi has suffered from a ‘blocked tear duct’, nothing major, it’s just a nuisance for Rudi as he hates me cleaning it, it was supposed to open by itself by the age of 12 months, but it didn’t. 

Letter came through with the number on to ring to make the appointment to discuss the operation to open it, I briefly told Ross about it, then the cat rubbed his butt on it, Rudi split his milk on it, and it was put on the shelf to gather dust. When Rudi turned 15 months I could no longer deny that Rudi needed to see someone, so I dug out the letter, avoided the cats arse mark, dusted it off and rang the number. Operation was discussed and booked in, the date would be sent to me by post. 

Letter came through with the date of the pre-assessment and operation date on it, I briefly told Ross about it, Rudi rubbed his butt on it, cat spilt his milk on it, and it was put on the shelf to gather dust.  Operation was booked for May 29th, in just 4 weeks time.

Letter came through, the operation had been cancelled and rescheduled for the 9th June, I briefly told Ross about it, I rubbed my butt on it, Ross spilt his milk on it and it has been put on the shelf to gather dust.  

I am looking forward to it being over and I no longer have to worry. Will keep you updated. 


My relationship with you.

I have on numerous occasions threatened to end it. I have put too much time into our relationship and I get very little out of it. I am always left feeling unfulfilled and disappointed but I haven’t given up on you just yet. 

It’s like I am addicted to you, I can’t resist you, I try my best to forget you most days, but your name constantly comes up on my phone and tempts me back. It’s not a healthy relationship, you make me feel jealous, envious, boring, inadequate. You cause trouble, I am afraid to say much as I am in fear of my words being twisted which usually they are. You judge me non stop, I am sick of your narcissism, terrible pictures and your moaning. God, you like to moan, its come to the point where I’ve become numb to your whinging and your pointless petty nit picking.  

You do keep me company though, you are always there for me, you can say the right things when I am down, since day one we have had a great connection and there has been a spark.  

But it’s always a drama, I think it’s almost time Facebook, that I signed out for the final time…..        almost.. 


Welcome to the family


Welcome to the family

On the 15th April we welcomed the newest member of our family, baby Edwyn Ace. This is mamgu’s seventh grandchild and the second baby for my younger sister.

He is absolutely gorgeous and has already fitted in.

Big sister Edyth maybe took a little longer to get used to the idea, she went from calling him her ‘sister’, to ‘it’ and when I left she had progressed to ‘Edward’. I am sure next time I go home Edwyn will be ‘Edwyn’.

Holding the newest addition, I realised that I am not quite ready for a newborn just yet. I am happy for the baby to stay put for a few more months yet.

Time is flying by mind, before I know it I’ll have my hands full.

Bidding Wars

Last week I got involved in an auction in the local area. I have been to one before but never bid on anything, but this time I decided to pay the 50p, buy a itinerary and get amongst it. 

I wandered around for 5 mins, and then it was time to start bidding. I had done my homework watching ‘homes under the hammer’ and ‘dickinsons real deal’ and thought I’d have a go.  I had visions of me being as cool as a cucumber, bidding with style and ease but no, the auctioneer was really fast and I was getting hot and anxious. By the time ‘number 24 – shelf of board games’ came along, my hands were sweating and my heart was beating so fast, I was far from being the hip dignified person I had imagined. 

Bidding started at £2.00, I confidently lifted up my number and nodded my head, woman bids £3, I lift up my number and touch my nose, £4, woman bids £5, I’m starting to get out of my comfort zone, but it was like I had a sudden tic and my life depended on me winning these dusty games of scrabble, so I bid £6 with a cough, nod, twitch and shoulder shrug, woman bids £7, someone else shouts £8, then I get competitive and shout too loud in a really high pitch desperate voice NINEEEE POUND, beads of sweat gathering on my top lip, then silence. I look around, blink for the first time in what seems like 10 minutes and its over, I had won. Victory was mine, even though I had almost succumbed to a seizure, I felt amazing, I quickly went to tell Ross, who was waiting outside with Rudi that I had won, leaving out the bit about me being a total mess and I proudly gathered my damp board games and struggled into town shopping. 

game of snakes and ladders anyone?