Bidding Wars

Last week I got involved in an auction in the local area. I have been to one before but never bid on anything, but this time I decided to pay the 50p, buy a itinerary and get amongst it. 

I wandered around for 5 mins, and then it was time to start bidding. I had done my homework watching ‘homes under the hammer’ and ‘dickinsons real deal’ and thought I’d have a go.  I had visions of me being as cool as a cucumber, bidding with style and ease but no, the auctioneer was really fast and I was getting hot and anxious. By the time ‘number 24 – shelf of board games’ came along, my hands were sweating and my heart was beating so fast, I was far from being the hip dignified person I had imagined. 

Bidding started at £2.00, I confidently lifted up my number and nodded my head, woman bids £3, I lift up my number and touch my nose, £4, woman bids £5, I’m starting to get out of my comfort zone, but it was like I had a sudden tic and my life depended on me winning these dusty games of scrabble, so I bid £6 with a cough, nod, twitch and shoulder shrug, woman bids £7, someone else shouts £8, then I get competitive and shout too loud in a really high pitch desperate voice NINEEEE POUND, beads of sweat gathering on my top lip, then silence. I look around, blink for the first time in what seems like 10 minutes and its over, I had won. Victory was mine, even though I had almost succumbed to a seizure, I felt amazing, I quickly went to tell Ross, who was waiting outside with Rudi that I had won, leaving out the bit about me being a total mess and I proudly gathered my damp board games and struggled into town shopping. 

game of snakes and ladders anyone? 


“Taurus has a fixed, stubborn character. Sociable and warm-hearted, they don’t like change as it tends to destabilise them. This earth sign needs a lot of fresh, open air.”


I have never liked change. I have always liked a bit of a routine, when I was younger I pushed myself to experience change as much as I could. I think I sub consciously knew that as I was ageing I was getting less and less brave and enjoyed my home comforts too much. 

These days, I could never imagine landing in Sydney airport, with no Australian dollars, tonsillitis, no hotel booked, no sleep, in the poring rain at 5am all on my own with a year working visa. In my naivety, I did expect the plane to land on Bondi Beach, give me a cocktail and party all night with ‘Sheila’ and ‘Bruce’ and the next day getting a really hip barmaid job for two hours a night, three days a week. 

I did survive but it wasn’t a ‘holiday’ as such. 

Since having Rudi I have found myself liking routine even more, I am lucky because I am now settled, I was thinking of a subject to write my blog about this month, and I realised that I have become a bit of a bore and that’s ok with me! 




baby number dau.

Yes, baby number two is on the way. Even though we had planned to have another baby as quick as possible, it was a shock. I think even if I was on baby number 6, I can’t explain why but I know I would still be shocked when two lines show up. 

Things are a little bit different with this pregnancy to say the least. When I was pregnant with Rudi, I thought about the growing baby 24 hours a day, if I wasn’t talking about it, I was dreaming about it, watching birthing videos, watching one born every minute, reading day to day progress of the foetus, eating healthily, taking photos of my bump and counting down the days until the birth. 

This pregnancy, I don’t have time to wash my hair or go to the toilet on my own let alone stop eating Rudi’s left over chicken nuggets and think about the prospect of having two children under the age of two. I think that if I did have time to think about it, I would be a little bit more worried than I currently am. 

We are over the moon though to be welcoming in another baby who will complete our family. I am not as impatient in meeting this one as I was with Rudi, it’s going to be an adventure and an amazing summer. 

We will never sleep..

It’s 2.56am Rudi is laying in bed beside me, he is full of beans, I pretend to ignore him, shut my eyes and first there is a finger up my nose followed by a giggle, then the dummy in my mouth followed by a squeal, he stands up holding onto the headboard and wiggles his hips, looking down on me smiling. I am exhausted, this is the 5th night in a row he’s been up for 3 hours in the middle of the night, I put him back into his cot and he cries and cries, put him back into bed with me with ‘this is your last chance’ speech, he lays still for a minute, then changes position, kicks me in the ribs, changes position, stands up, I put him back in his cot, he cries, put him back into bed with me with ‘this is REALLY your last chance’, 4am comes and I have a baby tapping me on the head so I realise I have to do something. 

This is when I decided to ‘sleep train’ I had no idea really what to do, I didn’t read any books on it or ask for any advice, I just decided enough was enough and he’s got to sleep, its been a year for goodness sake! And after 8 long days and nights, I now have achy hips but I have a sleeping baby! 

My son knows what he wants and sleeping in his own room wasn’t what he wanted, and I’ve never met anyone with such determination or feistiness as him. But I did it, I actually learnt to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in my sleep too, I just lay beside his cot every night and slowly moved into my room, usually getting into bed by 4am. After day 8, I think Rudi felt sorry for me and gave up. 

Everything was great for 2 weeks, I was so smug, I was staying up past 9.30pm, kept reminding Ross how hard I worked to get him to this point and telling anyone who would listen that ‘my baby sleeps through the night now’.. and then Rudi got a virus. 

I don’t know what I’d have preferred, I hadn’t slept pretty much for a year and I was used to it, then I had two weeks of pure bliss and then it went back to ‘up all night’, had I not trained him, I’d never known what it was like to sleep again. 

Poor little thing was so ill, he had a viral rash and a terrible cold and he was back in our bed. I was so worried, NHS direct is on my speed dial, I have to apologise when I ring them and say that I don’t have munchous syndrome and I really am worried! Luckily after 10 days, ten of the longest days he made a full recovery and I am pleased to say that he got back into his routine after 3 days of training, and tonight I am sitting here all smug again. I don’t know why, it only took 13 months! 

Sleep well 

Rusty the cat

I have a new man in my life, he has white hair with speckles of ginger throughout, he is very loving and goes by the name of Rusty. 

I desperately wanted a dog, I have been pestering Ross for ages for a dog, and it’s always been a no, when I realised a dog was not materialising I mentioned a cat instead. I was never particularly fond of cats, but they are independent and I wanted Rudi to have an animal to enjoy.  I don’t know what was wrong with Ross that night, but he agreed that ‘maybe, just maybe’ we’d get a cat, i quickly had a look on the local RSPCA site and headed on down there the next day to have a nose. 

Arriving at the centre, I was only really there to have a look and spend a few hours with Rudi stroking a few cats, next thing I am being asked if I am serious about adopting as they only show people around that are serious. Having gone down there and not wanting a wasted journey, I said I was deadly serious and I had had a look at the website, been thinking about it for a year and ready to make the commitment.  They then asked me which cat I had liked and wanted to see, I only remembered one name of a cat as it was so ridiculous so I said ‘Petrocelli looks like a happy cat’ and then we were escorted through to see the said cat.  Fair play, he was such a lovely docile cat, he had a broken leg which was healing and we spent 5 minutes stroking him and ooooing and ahhhing. We were taken back to reception where we were asked what we thought and I was signing along the dotted line. 

Ross came home, I had to slip into conversation that I had got us a cat and I was picking him up next week. Luckily the cat has slotted right into our family, he’s not fazed by Rudi, he is currently snoring at my feet.  

Welcome to our home Rusty! xxImage

Ten to Ten

Its 21.47 on Friday night, 10 years ago I would have just put the ‘chunes’ on, when I say ‘chunes’ I mean a bit of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion and started to get ready to go out to the local night club. Today is a different story, today I have had my pj’s on for over 3 hours, I am one beer in and ready to call it a night.   I am already calculating the amount of hours I have asleep and wondering whether Ross would notice if I went to the toilet and never came back. 

Actually, I wonder if anyone would notice if i . ..